Flower Essences; Plant Power and a little Magic

In today’s worldwide insecurity, people respond to the call of nature. We go for walks in the woods or start gardening to grow our own vegetables and flowers. Is that a coincidence? Plant whisperers know it is not. Trees, flowers and plants know very well how to deal with difficult emotions. The magic working of the plant world is that they understandshow to harmonise a disbalance, not only for themselves, but they can do this also for others.

What is even more amazing is that we can catch those messages in water. In this way we have made a so-called flower essence. We can take drops of essences so that the plants and flowers can share their harmonizing abilities with us. Welcome to SCF Essences. 

With a little bit of silence or a good imagination we are quickly able to experience the general message of a plant. Simply close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting on the edge of a lotus pond with a steaming cup of lemon balm tea. Peace will soon flow into you. Or go walk in a field of wild flowers, it won’t be long before your inner child pops up. All flowers, plants and trees can offer us support with a very personal message. Most of our essences come from our Simply Canvas Farm, a little place in the South West of France. But our line is growing every year with essences from beautiful energetic places like Lourdes or our very own waterlily essences of the garden of Latour Marliac.

For Whom?

Flower essences are safe for grown-ups, children, animals and even spaces/rooms and plants. We have a line based on alcohol but also an alcohol-free line (these last ones stay good for one year, as opposed to 4-5 years for the ones based on alcohol). Recently we have made a brand-new product Sweet Blossoms, these are candies with a mixture of flower essences.

For coaches, therapists and retreat centers, flower essences can offer a great support both for the client as well as the guides. Flower essences support to harmonize disbalances on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. Each in their own way. The essence of bramble flowers is the pioneer. As a plant she is one of the first to arrive in a field where you stop mowing. Her thorns protect young trees and plants against nibbling deer and hares. As an essence she helps you when you have arrived on a new point in your life. She protects you and encourages you at the same time to slowly continue your path.


Choose your flower essence by intuition, because it speaks to you through its color, title or other. Take 4 drops, 4 times a day or put a dropper full in your drinking bottle and drink throughout the day. Do this until you forget to take them.