Flower Essences; Plant Power and a little Magic

Flower Essences are little bottles filled with plant power. A little like homeopathy, but different from essential oils. There is no smell in flower essences, but there is a lot of magic. We will explain further :).

Most of our essences come from our Simply Canvas Farm, a little place in the South West of France. But our line is growing every year with essences from beautiful energetic places like Lourdes or our water lily essences of the garden of Latour Marliac. Discover more on our website (if you look from your phone, keep it on its side, the website will look much nicer).

Maybe you've heard of Bach flowers or Bach remedies. He (re)discovered flower essences in the 1930's and his line is one of the most famous ones. However there are several beautiful flower essence lines. And now you are discovering the line of Simply Canvas Farm Essences. We are happy to meet you.