Bach Flowers

You cannot speak about flower essences without mentioning Bach Flowers. Dr Bach is the most famous person in the wondrous world of flower essences. He (re)discovered flower essences around 1930. Today there are many beautiful flower essences developed by different people, coming from special corners in nature around the world. We make our essences with flowers from our own land or from other special places. We just started a collaboration with the garden of Latour Marliac, this is one of the oldest nursery gardens of water lilies in the world. It is the place where painter Monet used to get his water lilies from for his famous paintings “Les Nympheas”. An amazing place. But we also make flower essences of special energetic places like the pilgrimage place of Lourdes.

What are Flower Essences

Flower essences are energetic extracts of the beneficial properties of flowers. What does this mean? Wild flowers, flowers of trees and plants, flower bulbs etc. they all have a positive message to share that can helps us in our healing process.

The work of Dr. Masaru Emoto

Many people have seen the beautiful photographs of water crystals by dr. Masaru Emoto. He is a Japanese scientist who figured out that water can remember and store happenings or messages of its surroundings. So, when you put words like love and gratitude on a bottle of water, the water takes the vibrations of the words. Dr Emoto then made pictures of the frozen water crystals of that water and saw that the crystals were beautiful and harmonious and shiny. However, when the water would come in contact with words like hate or disgust or heavy metal music, the frozen crystals were distorted.

While researching further his team figured out that when you put a little bit of the water infused with the vibrations of i.e. love and gratitude into a bucket of normal water, the entire bucket takes the vibrations of the love and gratitude water. This means that water can share its information with other water, much like a Zen master shares its message with its students.

Making Flower Essences

Flower remedies work very similar to the work of Dr Masaru Emoto. The vibrations or message of flowers are grounded into water. The fixing or grounding of the message in water is done with the help of the sun, a few flowers and one or more persons in collaboration with helpful nature beings. There are also other techniques without picking the flowers (at SCF Essences the plants are not killed in the process of flower essence making). When the essence has been grounded into water, alcohol (often brandy) is added to preserve the flower essences. Without the preservative the flower essence has to be used in about 2 weeks’ time. With the alcohol the flower essence remains good for many years.

Creating the essences is a true collaboration with nature, so this a simplistic version of the process.

People as a bucket of water

To take flower essences the general guide line is to take 4 drops of water 4 times daily. We receive the healing benefits and the message of the flowers into our body in this way. We now come back to the work of Dr Masaru Emoto. Humans are basically a bucket of water since we consist of 60-70% of water. The infused water of the flower essence shares its vibrations with all the water that is in our body. In this way the essence or message of the flower infuses our being and can start its work.

How do Flower Essences work

By taking drops of the flower essences we receive the healing benefits of the flowers in our own body, mind and soul. Flower essences don’t work like a paracetamol which will chase away your headache for a short period of time. The essences try to support us and help to give us insight in the root of the pain or suffering. The root of the suffering or problem can be hidden under several layers. By taking the flower essence for a period of time the different layers are peeled off. Flower essences assist us holistically on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Sometimes we call this kind of help vibrational or energetic support. The essences assist in harmonizing that which is singing out of tune in our being.

How not to use Flower Essences

Bloesemremedies kunnen een krachtige helper zijn op je pad naar heling, maar ze werken niet op dezelfde manier als de reguliere medicijnen. Stel niet je eigen diagnosis vast gebaseerd op de beschrijvingen van de bloesemremedies. Ga naar de dokter wanneer je flink ziek bent (zowel fysiek als mentaal) en gebruik de remedies ter ondersteuning van je genezingsproces, niet als vervanging.