Combinations of flower essences

Some flower remedies work especially well together when taken together. The different essences work on different angles of a subject. Since very often a subject that you are working on, is like an onion, consisting of several layers. Below you find several beautiful combination ideas.

When using these different essences you could i.e. first take a week of one type, then move onward to the next. Also you could make a combination bottle for yourself. For example when you have some trouble sleeping, Lavender and Chamomile Essence are very good for this. You could make a combination bottle by taking an empty dropper bottle. Put 10 drops of Lavender Essence and 10 drops of Chamomile essence and fill the rest of the bottle with water. This bottle now can be used for a good week. Use it as the you would with the others (4 drops, 4 times a day, or put a dropper full in your water bottle). After a week you empty the combination bottle and rinse it with warm water and soap. Then you can make a new combination.




Support when there are lots of worries

When we are worrying too much, we can end up in a vicious circle of thoughts that are no longer healthy for us. It is more helpful to have some distance and to continue to observe problems with creativity, peacefulness and presence. When we remain clear and present, it is easier to handle the situation or to see a solution. The flower essences which can offer help when you are finding yourself in this situation is SCF Mix First Aid: to sooth the shock.

o  Slow Down (Begonia Essence): when our senses are overloaded, this essence helps to find some distance.

o  Free your Mind (Essence of Plantain): to break through the vicious circle of thoughts.

o  Magic and Adventure (Bee Orchid Essence): assists in letting go of control and to allow creativity to flow to find solutions.

o  Fire Extinguisher (Marsh Mallow Essence): cools down too much fire.

o  Lightness (Lilac Essence): Humor and lightness are sometimes pushed to the background by worry but they are actually important to help to observe from a different perspective.




Overloaded Senses and Hyper Sensitivity

With the eternal stream of news, social media and information that we are ingesting every day it is no surprise that more people are being bothered with overloaded senses or hyper sensitivity. Of course, no flower essence can resolve this by itself. When your senses are overloaded, it is a practice to find a new balance and adaptations are necessary to find a different way of living in which you can remain healthy. But flower essences can for sure assist and support within this process. The following remedies offer great help:

o  Slow Down (essence of Begonia): If you had to choose only one bottle, take this one for the overloaded senses.

o  Protection (essence of Yucca): sometimes we not only go too fast but we also have too little protection to all that comes in. Yucca Essence helps with extra protection so that it sooner bounces off than comes in.

o  Equanimity (Flax Flower Essence): helps to maintain a healthy balance.

o  The Seer (St John’s Wort Remedy): works for the health of the mind.

o  The Middle Path (SCF Essence): helps to walk down the middle path and to keep the right balance.

o  Fire Extinguisher (Essence of Marsh Mallow): cools down and puts fires out when it is too much.

o  SCF Mix First Aid: helps especially when there is a sudden overload but also when you find yourself in the situation overload to calm it down.




Support with your Spiritual Practice

More than many, Santi and I know the benefits that a daily practice offers in your life. We both can look back on over 30 years of meditation practice and the practice of mindfulness has been a guidance in our lives for many years (we met in a Buddhist Monastery where we stayed for many years). We don’t think there is one specific right way or direction. We do believe that a daily practice contributes to the quality of your life. It is, however, not always easy to find the discipline or the time and there can be so many reasons that make you forget to practice. Quite a number of flower essences are aimed at the support of your daily practice. No matter if this is yoga, meditation, forest bathing, gardening or mindfulness. For a daily maintenance choose our SCF Mix Spiritual Practice. If you like to zoom in deeper on a specific subject, use then one essence at a time. For example, when you are spending time on who you are as a person, True Voice is a good helper. Or when you are finding yourself in conflict with someone Empathy and Equanimity are nice choices. Take a few drops of the remedy before you start your meditation, walk or reflection or hold the bottle in your hand during your meditation.

SCF Mix Spiritual Practice

We have created spiritual practice mix, especially as a support for your daily practice. It helps to keep the fire burning of your daily practice, to ground ourselves and to gain insights.

o  The Middle Path: helps to keep balance

o  The Seer: helps with deep looking

o  Essence of Lourdes: for meditation, prayer and healing

o  Non-Self: for insight into emptiness

o  Free your Mind: breaks through vicious circles

o  Slow Down: supports overloaded senses

o  True Voice: Brings you back to your true self

o  Listen: Helps to listening deeply and widely

o  Equanimity: for balance

o  Empathy: helps to step into the shoes of another.

o  Connection & Harmony: for harmonization

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