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Our line of essences

Below you find our line of essences with extra information about them. This presentation offers a unique ability to choose your essence. Choose by intuition because you like the picture, you enjoy the title or it just attracts your attention. Go over the picture make it turn and read its description. Often this is the one for you.

At the bottom of the page you can download more information about the use of flower essence and definition.

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Connection & Harmony

Rebalances & harmonizes

Lotusbloem Remedie

Light flows from the crown chakra down to the other chakras and fills them with light allowing them to rebalance and harmonize. This will also help you to harmonize you in relationship to your body and environment.


Humor, Lightness & Relief

Lilac Essence

Lilac Essence breaks through the walls with light, a sense of humor (a good laugh can fix a lot) and relief. It shows that everything is impermanent and widens your perspective.

Make Love not War

Enjoy all the good life has to offer

Blue Lotus Remedy

Blue Lotus Remedy brings us back to our body. She allows us to enjoy all the goodness of life including good food, abundance, enjoying our body in all shapes and forms and loving contact with others.

Magic & Adventure

Letting go of Control

Bee Orchid Essence

Letting go of control to allow magic and creativity to shine

Night Light

Remain open during dark times

Waterlily Texas Shell Pink

It is not easy to remain open and vulnerable when life has hurt you deeply or when you find yourself in the middle of darkness. Night Light Remedy supports you. Also a good remedy for children who are affraid of the dark.


Calms the Solar Plexus & Sleep Trouble

Chamomile Essence

The Essence of Chamomile calms the solar plexus and is a great help when you have trouble falling asleep or to balance the unbalanced.

The Seer

Health & Opening of the Mind

St John's Wort Essence

Helps to cool down parts that are overheating or burning up (on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level). It opens the third eye. Works well together with the essence of Begonia (Slow Down).

Free Your Mind

Breaks Through Vicious Circles

Plantain Essence

Essence of plantain frees us from turning around in circles. It frees the mind.


Listen Deep & Wide

Lizzard Orchid Essence

Helps to find silence, to listen deeply (to find understanding) and widely (listening outside our senses)

Essence of Lourdes

Meditation, Prayer & Healing

Essence of Lourdes

Helps to take you to a quiet inner place from which healing and insight is possible.  

The essence of Lourdes has been made on the special pilgrimage place of Lourdes in France and supports you within your prayers, healing and meditation.


Licht Torch, Detox & Gives Strength

Buttercup Essence

Buttercup Remedy will function as a light bearer and make sure that you remain grounded. Helps to find to strength to face dark memories and subjects and to listen and help. Supports detoxification on an emotional, spiritual, physical and mental area.

Kingly Power

Belief in miracles

Be Unique

Essence of Kingly Power fills your being with a clear, old and wise strength. She washes away fatigue, confused thoughts and doubt. She helps to clarify the mind and to straighten your shoulders. The remedy is also filled with a strong protection which is often necessary in difficult circumstances so no one can run you over. Its power so large, it becomes easy to belief in miracles.


Balance & Groundedness

Flax Flower Essence

Flax remedy balances and stabilizes an open heartedness in the body, while making you feel safe inside. It grounds the body and soul into a strong unit and from this place you are able to open your heart and allow yourself to be vulnerable.

SCF Mix First Aid

Helps with sudden shocks

SCF Mix First Aid

The First Aid mix supports on a physical, emotional, spiritual and mental level when you find yourself in a situation of heightened stress and emotions. The shock may be big or small. The shock may also be positive like a strong insight during meditation i.e.


Empathy & Deep Looking

Plow Share Orchid Essence

Plow-share orchid essence helps you to walk in the shoes of another (whether this be a person, situation, illness or point of view) and better understand their side of the story.

Energy Booster

Gives Energy

White Yarrow Essence

Weakened areas in your body/mind/projects etc. receive little nudges of energy and invitations to start doing their best again.

Strength & Joy

Happy Strength & Back Bone

Mullein Essence

The essence of the Great Mullein brings strength, backbone and support. It is a strength that keeps your heart open, with your vulnerability and joy intact. It supports the backbone.

The Empress

Our unique female strength in full blossom

Empress Lotus

The flower essence brings us in contact with our unique female strength and capacities.


There is Nothing to Do

Broom Rape Essence

This essence brings insight in emptiness. Every aspect in life has a role to play. There is no leader, no guide, no master. You are not the one deciding or doing. A good remedy to take daily.

Rare Beauty

Celebrate your uniqueness

Tulipiformis Waterlily

The essence of Tulipiformis waterlily supports your understanding of who you are, of what your capacities are, and how to fill your unique place on this earth and shine your beauty.


Renewal & Elasticity

Red Clover Essence

The essence of red clover assists in keeping the body, mind and spirit flexible and in balance, as it helps to bring a fresh renewed energy to stuck situations, ruts, old habits etc.

Spiritual Practice

Supports your Daily Practice

SCF Mix Spiritual Practice

This essence helps to keep the fire of the strength of a daily practice burning.

It helps to ground yourself, to remember your daily practice, no matter which daily practice you follow. It helps with discipline. 


What is true vulnerability?

Osiris Lotus Remedy

The flower essence of Osiris Lotus works powerfully for the opening of the heart and gets you in contact with softness and vulnerability.


For the Inner Playful Child

White Cyclamen Essence

Brings you in contact with the inner, innocent and playful child.  Every moment or any area in our life can always use some playfulness; relationships, work, walks,

True Voice

Brings you Back to Yourself

Malva Essence

The strength of Malva Essence lies in its delicacy. It zooms in on the small, the delicate, the tiny beauty, the sweet, the soft, the simple, the vulnerable. The essence of Malva brings you back to your true voice which is often softer than you might think.

Self Heal

Confidence in your Self Healing Powers

Self Heal Essence

The essence of Self Heal gives you confidence in your self-healing powers and insight in how to call upon them and use them.


Healing & Protection, gives strength

Yucca Essence

Helps to heal wounds on the soul and strengthens your aura. She also protects you in case of high sensitivity to circumstances or people. Helps to have more confidence.

Mrs Relax

Relaxation & Trouble Sleeping

Lavender Essence

Mrs Relax is a beautiful essence that works on general well-being. Like a wave it moves through your entire being (body, mind and soul) dissolving any heaviness on its way.

Life Force

Revitalizes the life force

Butterfly Ginger Remedy

Flower essence of Butterfly Ginger breathes her life force to there which is necessary. Usually she starts with the eyes to find a clearer view so as to see through situations better and understand what is necessary or missing.

The Pyramid

Cosmic Energy

Orchis Pyramidal Essence

Pyramidal orchid essence helps to diminish forgetfulness (of memories) and brings light to all the chakras. Helps to receive cosmic messages and information and to express these through art/writing and storytelling.

Eye Opener

Supports when a toxic surrounding

Essence of Water Hyacinth

De Eye Opener is a complex flower essence that can support you within the many layers present when you find yourself (or once were) in a toxic relationship or environment. The essence also helps when this relationship took place in the past, but you still suffer the consequences.

Guardian Angel

Right Time Right Place

Clary Sage Essence

This essence allows you to attract the best and most positive circumstances/people/things etc. necessary to succeed in your project or healing. It serves as a guardian angel.


You have Time

Albizia Essence

Works strongly on the third eye. Albizia allows you to patiently wait for the necessary layers to unfold/appear, so that blossoming is possible. You have time...everybody blossoms at their own pace.

Slow Down

Overloaded Senses

White Begonia Essence

Are you intrinsically tired of the speed of (your) life and do you feel that your senses are overloaded? With the help of essence of Begonia you can cool down, calm down and stop. However the essence cannot do all the work.

The Shaman

Helps to heal our wounds and traumas

Seignoureti Waterlily

The flower essence aids us in our insight that life sends us lessons offering an opportunity to heal and liberate ourselves from the past. When our traumas and wounds are healed until a scar that is no longer painful and doesn’t influence our life anymore it becomes possible to help other people with similar wounds. We then step unto the path of the wounded healer, the Shaman.


Relaxes the Solar Plexus

Lady Orchid Essence

Supports decisions made from the heart, calms the nerves and eases discomfort

This remedy will relax the solar plexus. .


True Communication & Progress

Bronze Fennel Essence

Bronze Fennel Essence opens the throat chakra. It is an essence that helps us to listen, when it is needed and then speak clearly and concisely, to move those decisions into reality. It is a very complete essence in the realm of communication.

Jasmin of Poets

Brings out the romantic inside you

Essence of Mock Orange

The flower essence brings out the romantic inside of you that bursts out in poetry on love and sweet summer nights. Are you in need of some romance? Do you plan a special night for yor loved one with candles and beautiful food, then this remedy will support you.

Fire Extinguisher

Cools down, moisterizes, makes flexible

Marsh Mallow Essence

Helps to moisturize, ease and makes us more flexible

The essence of Marsh-Mallow helps to cool down and put the fire out. It is a very grounding essence.

The Crown

Deep Connection with your Daily Life

Cardoon Essence

Harmonizes the crown chakra which goes together with firmly grounding the body. The Crown Chakra Essence can give us a beautiful broadening of the senses and a deep spiritual connection in our daily lives, while remaining firmly grounded.

The Pioneer

When you enter a new road

Bramble Essence

The essence of Rubus helps you to take steps into the unknown in a slow and grounded pace but with trust and decisiveness. It helps you to take well-considered decisions, to have an open heart but remain protected at the same time. Goes well together with Magic & Adventure Essence.


Makes Things Run Smoothly

Aloe Vera Essence

Do you feel like you’re running uphill all the time, is communication stilted, are there constantly little blockages on the road? Take some essence of Aloe Vera to help things run smoothly again or use 10 drops of Aloe Vera essence in your bath, a lovely way to soak things up.

SCF The Middle Path

Work with nature, not against it

Essence of SCF

With the help of the essence of The Middle Path you can start working together again in the spirit of creative collaboration in order to find a new balance. It is in a balanced environment, allowing each one its place, where abundance will arise.


Vitality of Water

Immortality Herb Essence

Immortality herb essence supports vitality and uses water to guide it where it is needed. Lovely to use for body, plant, animals, drinking water, aquaria and ponds.

In Harmony with Earth

Life in balance with nature

Blue Cloud Waterlily Remedy

Is your life light a little dim, is it necessary to go back to a purer state of life? Allow yourself to be supported by the flower essence of Blue Cloud Water Lily on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual area.

Harvest Time

When a Door Closes, Another Opens

Autumn Daffodil

The essence of Harvest Time, while firmly grounding us, supports us with all its strength in our process of saying goodbye, to that which is ending and to embrace our emotions. But she also reminds us of and reflects the wisdom and capacities we have received during this process. The essence floods us with a sunny positivity.

Fragrant Rose Mix

Grounding and Heart Opening

Rose Mix Essence

This essence helps to keep your heart open to the world around you. The opening comes forth from a place of strength, healthy decision making, intuition and deep grounding. If you feel the need for extra protection, add Yucca Essence (Protection) to the mix.

SCF Breathe Mix

Supports your respiratory system

SCF Breathe Mix

The Allergy mix of SCF Essences supports in an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical way and helps to arrive at a better balance and harmonization with concern to allergies. Take it regularly and for a longer time. Or carry the bottle with you during the day


Cools down a process to a nicer pace

Fragrant White Waterlily Remedy

The essence cools on all levels. Because of this cooling nature it can help to regulate speed of a process or emotions to a comfortable pace. It is ok to walk instead of running.

Beginning Anew

The right way to make a fresh start

Pink Capensis Waterlily

When we go through a difficult time we sometimes want to make rigorous decisions. The flower essence of Pink Capensis reminds us that this is a time to retreat, to listen and to observe.To allow things to be. After, from a place of peace we can make a fresh start.


The strength of invisibility

Curcuma Remedy

When we turn on our inner invisibility it becomes more silent inside of us and you can hear and see better as a result. No reaction is expected from you, you don’t have to be anything for anybody. You only have to listen, be and learn. But the remedy can also aid to bring to the surface that which is still hidden inside.


Processing and expressing grief

Judas Tree Remedy

This is the remedy that you go to when your heart has been broken. It is okay and even necessary to express your grief or sadness. Bottled up sadness may lead to blockages or problems. the remedy also aids in healing the heart (good combination with The Shaman).

Yin & Yang

Balance of our male and female sides

Essence of Quince

Flower essence of Quince aids in balancing our male and female sides. Where there is too much harshness, softness is added and where the softness is too weak a little more firmness will be brought.


Strengthens your decision-making ability

Snowball Tree Remedy

When there seem to be too many choices the flower essence of Snowball Tree can light up the path

First Aid Magic Salve

Good for Everything

First Aid Magic Ointment

Apply First Aid Magic Salve for skin trouble that suddenly happens like bruises, insect bites etc. It soothes and supports and takes care of the entire person. Also apply the salve on headaches or painful joints and muscles. It is filled with plant magic like calendula, comfrey and plantain. But also, oil of lavender and Prunella. Plus, first aid flower essence is added.

Soft Skin Ointment

Lovely for the Skin

Soft Skin Magic Salve

Soft Skin Magic Salve smells like roses and is a gift for the skin. Apply to all kinds of little skin trouble. The salve is filled with plant power of the pinetree, plantain, pelargonium, calendula and comfrey. Included as well is essential rose oil solar infused oil of roses, lavender and prunella. Plus flower essences of aloe vera, marsh mallow and buttercup.


When we are in need of a miracle

Essence of the pilgrimage place Lisieux

We ask for miracles when we no longer know how or where to find another solution. Together with the remedy of the pilgrimage site of Saint Therese de Lisieux, you can ask for a miracle with extra power. 


Helps to let go and accept 

Essence of a 1000-year old oak tree

Are we holding on to strong of fixed ideas on how something or somebody needs to look like or do? Do we need to find more acceptance or do we need to let go of ideas, projects or somebody? This essence will help you with this insight and helps you to see if you need to let go of something or somebody or accept that something or somebody will always be different from our ideas. 

Protection Mix

Gives peace and protection 

Mix of Flower Essences for Protecton

Protection Mix protects our aura, it helps to harmonize irritation, overloaded senses and stress and brings back peace. It is also a very good remedy for children or for our every day life.

Break Through

What is our highest spiritual goal in life

Essence of the megalythic site of Carnac

Carnac is the largest collection of stone rows, menhirs and dolmen in the world and is more than 6000 years old. The remedy of Carnac helps us to gain insight in our highest spiritual goal. The remedy helps us to understand what it is that we don’t want to let go of (concerning i.e., feelings of safety, fear, comfort, habit or other) and to collect the strength necessary for a break through.

Web of Life

All elements are interconnected

Essence of 500-year old oak tree Hindrés

This remedy helps you to understand the web of life and how all the elements (work, relationship, family, role within the family, outdoor life, nature, finance, sport, food etc.) are interconnected. Everyone is a link in larger surroundings. 

Spherical Perspective

Discover the entire picture

Essence of Green Winged Orchid

A story that plays a role in our life is never linear with a beginning, middle and end. It is more spherical including many elements below, above, before, behind, left and right. All kinds of elements like people, emotions, places, the past, the present, all play a role in this story. The remedy of Anacamptis Morio helps you understand the entire picture and discover all sides. 

In Your Bubble

For when you need a break

Essence of daisies

The flower essence of Daisies offers protection, lightness and cheerfulness to both yourself and your inner child. Take this remedy when you feel the need to withdraw in your own bubble or when you are in need of some lightness. A good remedy to take together with the remedy of Begonia or Yucca.


Helps to free heaviness in heart and mind

Essence of Blue Borage

The essence of Blue Borage helps to free you from heaviness that you (still) carry with you on an emotional, spiritual and mental level. The remedy can be of assistance for both newly accumulated difficulties, or old and stuck energies. The essence brings lightness and coolness and is also helpful when you worry a lot.

Love Potion

Allow love to flow

SCF Mix Love Potion

The entire remedy allows love to flow. All kinds of love. Love Potion is a mix of various flower essences. When you love yourself both body and mind you start to radiate a little more.

The Source

Helps to heal, vitalize, soften and clarify

Remedy of water of the source of Nacedero

The message of this essence is very vast and the essence can be used in a myriad of ways depending on your need. It helps to make things clearer, vitalize and purify the body (or circumstances, emotions etc), helps you to refresh, heal or strengthen, but also it helps you to soften situations or subjects that seem to be completely stuck and going nowhere.

The Umbrella

Helps to keep distance

Essence of water lily Missouri

The essence works like an umbrella against the rain. When we feel that things are getting too much, or that we are overwhelmed by emotions, the remedy helps to keep some distance and not to be overthrown. You can still see the rain, but you don't get wet. 


Vitality of the water in the basin of our body

Essence of water lily Black Princes

This essence helps with being grounded in water. She helps to harmonize the water in the basin (the first two chakras) of our body. The essence strengthens or harmonizes water blockages in the area of the uterus, prostate, urine, placenta, colon etc.

Warm Heart

Brings warmth, peace and happiness

Remedy of water lily St Louis Gold

This remedy works for harmony and balance in the heart. As a strengthening essence, she brings warmth, light, compassion, calm and soft joy to your heart. The remedy balances the heart chakra.


Are the building blocks of our lives healthy?

Remedy ofa forest of centential beech trees

This remedy will help you to see which parts of our lives (nutrition, work, study, mental condition, friends, environment) are in need of some attention. The essence can offer a little nudge of energy or help to make things softer and more flexible, more tolerant. When most of the building blocks are in balance, there is a beautiful symbiosis that makes everything lively, solid and healthy. 

Your Path

Helps to clear up fog and see your path.

Essence of the pilgrimage site Santiago de Compostella

When it's foggy and you don't know which way to go, the essence of the Pilgrimage Road to St James helps you to see what direction to go. That it is, proverbially, better to fail in your own way than to succeed on someone else’s.


What is the true meaning of forgiveness?

Essence of Lignum Crucis

The remedy helps you to understand what real forgiveness is and helps you to forgive, for only then love and compassion are able to arise. 


Everything is interconnected

Essence of a 350-year-old Oak tree

This essence supports us when we feel alone or separated from the world and we have lost all connection. The essence shows us how everything (nature, people, animals, plants, flowers, emotions, psychological aspects etc.) are interconnected. Nothing can exist independently on its own. 

Light Enhancer

Allows light to shine or to be enhanced

Essence of the Pilgrimage Place of Fatima

This essence strengthens your (inner) light and chases shadows from your body and soul. The essence offers hope and lightness for people having a lot of shadow (physically or emotionally). When people come together to meditate (online or in person) this essence will strengthen the field of light created by the meditation. 

Letting Go

Letting go to begin anew

Essence of Ais Catedrais

This essence supports you to let go (of worries, conflicts or other things that weigh on you) so that you may start anew with a clean slate and a light spirit. The essence will offer more air and light in your life.

Inner Peace

Helps to find inner peace

Essence of the Atlantic Ocean

The essence of the ocean helps us to find inner peace when there is lots of unrest in our existence. The unrest is like the waves of the ocean and is located on the surface, however when we bring our awareness deeper into our being we find peace and space (like in the depths of the ocean). 

The Gatekeeper

Protector of borders 

Essence of Common Vervain

·        The essence of Common Vervain is a powerful protector of borders both the entrance and exit. It is beneficial to place a bottle at the entrance of your house or on the road to your property, so that heavy energies or harmful/negative spirits will not be able to enter. The essence also aids to remove (energetic) waste or un-beneficial elements that have accumulated. 

Virus Harmonizing Mix

Helps when fearing to get sick 

SCF Mix Virus Harmonizing Mix

The essence supports us to not live our life in fear of being sick or becoming sick. Should we become sick, the mix of essences helps our system remain as harmonious as possible. The illness comes, offers insight and will leave again. You can take this essence for long stretches of time.

Good Vibes Mix

Vitality, balance, energy, lightness 

SCF Mix Good Vibes

Good Vibes mix contains 7 different flower essences. The mix acts as a light bearer. She gives a nudge to the immune system, infuses us with lightness, sends us energy and works for the balance of our mind. A beautiful remedy to use when you feel a little misty and down. 

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