Sandra & Santi

Sandra & Santi ont créé la Ferme Simply Canvas en 2008. Il s’agit d’une magnifique propriété de 5Ha dans le Sud-Ouest de la France, au nord-ouest du Lot-et-Garonne, à la limite avec la Dordogne et la Gironde. La maison principale est une vieille ferme datant de 1760 avec, à l’époque, son chai, son four à pruneaux et des vaches laitières et le terrain entourant la maison n’a pas été labouré ni traité depuis plus de 20 ans.

Sandra, Néerlandaise et Santi, Français d’origine Laotienne, se sont rencontrés au Village des Pruniers, le monastère bouddhique du maître Zen Vietnamien Thich Nhat Hanh, où ils ont vécu plusieurs années comme moine et nonne. Ils possèdent tous les deux plus de 30 ans de pratique de la méditation et presque 20 ans de pratique et de partage de la Pleine Conscience (Mindfulness). 

With a passion for mindful living and hart for nature the farm of Simply Canvas Blossomed. Simply Canvas Farm received holiday guests in the summer and groups during the off season. The five hectares (12.5 acres) of land surrounding the farm is designed according to the permaculture principles and it is a joy to see how much wild life and flowers have reinstated themselves during the past years. For many years now Sandra makes her own tinctures and infused oils. During the last years the collaboration with nature intensified and the natural next step became to make our own flower essences.

As long as Sandra can remember she was surrounded by flowers. Her ancestors (dating back to at least 1650) were flower and tree growers.

As a child I liked nothing better than to play in the big garden of my grandparents, making “soup” out of mud, water, grass and flowers in a bucket. Today I am continuing the tradition of my ancestors in my own way on our farm. I still play in the garden and flowers still play a main part in my life, now in the form of flower essences. It makes me intensely happy to listen deeply to plants and flowers. To hear which message they have for us and in which way they can support our being. But also to offer a voice to plants and flowers and share their stories in writing I enjoy doing.

Santi is the descendant of an old aristocrat family in Laos, yet most happy he is when his feet touch the clay and his hands are in the water.

Santi has a tremendous talent for speaking in public, a skill he undoubtedly inherited from his ancestors who were connected to the royal family of Laos. But his favorite place to be is in the garden. And where Sandra surrounds herself with flowers, Santi is head of all water projects and water management on the farm. He is the happiest when counts his fish of which there are hundreds.

Together we form a beautiful combination. Water is the carrier of the messages of flower essences. We will explain it all to you on our website and in our plant stories.