It's the time of the year...

...that you are looking for nice gifts and we made a few for you. All gifts are including delivery fees within Europe. Send us a mail to order (the online shop is coming) bonjour "at"

Magic Parcel for Kids

€29,95 incl. transport

A magic tip

A beautiful box filled with special gifts. With Sweet Dream Spray, a happiness booklet to share your gratitude every day. A precious stone, Soft Skin and First Aid magic ointment and a magic tea flower. (extra remedies for €9,95 for 10ml or €16,50 for 30ml )

Choose 3 Remedies

€49,95 incl. transport

Great deal

For yourself or to give away. Choose 3 remedies of 30ml. Also fun to choose one for every family member (extra remedies for €9,95 for 10ml or €16,50 for 30ml).

Beautiful Gift Box

€49,95 incl. transport

Who doesn't deserve this

A box filled with wellness. Choose 3 remedies of 10ml (we can help), plus a harmonisation spray for rooms, home grown lindentea, good for inner peace and Soft Skin and First Aid magic ointment (extra remedies for €9,95 for 10ml or €16,50 for 30ml)

One Flower Essence

€24,95 incl. transport

Be Unique

No doubt it will be difficult to choose, when you can only choose one. We send it over, anywhere in Europe, in a beautiful package. .

Five 10ml Bottles

€49,95 incl. transport

Dive a little deeper

A nice start to dive a little deeper into subjects with these five essences. We can help you choose (extra remedies for €9,95 for 10ml or €16,50 for 30ml)

For the Pro... 7 of 10

€99,95 incl. transport

Start a Flower Adventure

Choose 7 bottles of 30ml or 10 different bottles of 10ml and start your flower essence adventure (extra remedies for €9,95 for 10ml or €16,50 for 30ml)

Our entire line

€425 incl. transport

Be Unique

When you deserve something extra special. Our entire line consists of 54 floweressences of 10ml. Alcohol free or not, with a spray or droppers. Everybody is here including The Empress, Yin & Yang, Equanimity and Magic & Adventure.

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