How to choose your flower essences

There are so many beautiful flower essences to choose from you quickly imagine yourself in an ice cream shop with many flavors. Let’s switch on an amazing tool we always carry with us, our intuition.
We don’t know exactly how intuition really works. To switch it on, on purpose, it is a matter of relaxing yourself and remain mindful at the same time.

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On our website there is a page with our entire line of flower essences. Here you find pictures of the flowers of which the essences have been made and below the title of the flower remedy. When you go with your mouse over the picture, it turns around and you can read a short description of the working of the remedy.

Let’s Practice

Are you able to surf to our website right now, go ahead and do it, so we can start practicing. Open the page here.

Open minded or specific subject

Before you choose first determine if you just want to choose an essence with an open mind and anything can happen or if you would like to choose a flower essence for a specific subject.
Anything can happen, you are ready to go, however when you want to choose an essence for a specific subject it is important that you describe the subject clearly. Describe the subject out loud or wright it down. Be specific. Not: I would like to work on my headache. Describe how the headache feels (hot, cold, stinging, banging) and where you feel it exactly (forehead, neck, behind the eyes) and also in which circumstances this headache comes up (work, hot days, thunder, after a family visit) or during which emotions it occurs (anger, sadness).
The description can be something as follows: I would like to choose a flower essence that helps me with my headache. This pain mainly comes up when I am angry. It lies then as a ring around the back of my head, right above the neck and stings. It often happens when I worked too long for too many days in a row.

Choosing flower essences

flower essences and spiritual practice

Take a few minutes to relax yourself. Sit still, become aware of your breath, your inbreath and your outbreath. Use your attention to scan your body and relax the different parts where there is some tension. Start at your head, your eyes, your mouth, your shoulders, your arms, your body, your basin, your legs and feet. Stay for a small moment in this relaxed state. Now open your eyes and have a look at the page with the flower essences on the computer. Slowly go along the list. It doesn’t have to be one card after the other, just allow your eyes to go over the page. Be mindful, is there a flower picture where your eyes linger, is there a color that catches your eye or a title. Which card instantly pulls your attention. Sometimes it is also interesting to see what you don’t like at all. It might be just one remedy, but there might be several.

when you have chosen your essences, move your mouse over the picture and read the description. These are the ones for you that can help you with your subject you want to work on. Even if the short description doesn’t speak to you instantly, there might just be a deeper layer to which it is speaking. Sometimes this insight reveals itself a little later.

Is it impossible to turn on your intuition button for whichever reason? Don’t panic. Close your eyes and drop the mouse on any card. This is the one.

You can use this page on our website as an oracle card deck. A fun way to help you choose your remedies.

Sandra and Santi live on Simply Canvas Farm in SW France. They make their own flower essences with flowers from their land or other special places.

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