First Aid Magic Ointment

6,95 incl. BTW/VAT/TVA


Apply First Aid Magic Salve for skin trouble that suddenly happens like bruises, insect bites etc. It soothes and supports and takes care of the entire person. Also apply the salve on headaches or painful joints and muscles. It is filled with plant magic like calendula, comfrey and plantain. But also, oil of lavender and Prunella. Plus, first aid flower essence is added.

  • Are you new to flower essences? Maybe you have heard of Dr Edward Bach or Bach flower essences or his most known essence, rescue remedy. Flower essences are energetic extracts of the beneficial properties of flowers. When there is a disbalance on an emotional, spiritual or mental level, flower essences help you to harmonize your system
  • There are no contra indications for flower essences. It is a natural product, safe for grown ups, children, animals and plants.

Ingredients: bees wax olive oil, almond oil, flower essences,


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