Harvest Time

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  • Autumn daffodil | Stenbergia Lutea

Helps during the final stages of a process, brings positivity and reminds us of our potential and capacities.
This essence shows us that, as a door is closing, another is opening when we arrive at the end of a project, process or relationship. The essence of Harvest Time, while firmly grounding us, supports us with all its strength in our process of saying goodbye, to that which is ending and to embrace our emotions. But she also reminds us of and reflects the wisdom and capacities we have received during this process. The essence floods us with a sunny positivity.

  • Take 4 drops 4 times a day, or put a dropper full in a bottle of water and drink it throughout the day.
  • 30ml of 10ml bottles. The essences of Simply Canvas Farm (SCF Essences) come in beautiful frosted colored bottles (if you want a specific color, send me a message and I will let you know which colors are still available).
  • Are you new to flower essences? Maybe you have heard of Dr Edward Bach or Bach flower essences or his most known essence, rescue remedy. Flower essences are energetic extracts of the beneficial properties of flowers. When there is a disbalance on an emotional, spiritual or mental level, flower essences help you to harmonize your system
  • The flower essences are unscented
  • There are no contra indications for flower essences. It is a natural product, safe for grown ups, children, animals and plants.

Ingredients: brandy, water, energetic extract of flowers (see remedy), on request also alcohol free (the shelve life is then around 1 year, instead of 4-5 years for flower essences made with alcohol).

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10ml, 30ml


Alcohol Free, With Alcohol


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