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Make your own personal mix bottle in a bottle of 30ml. With a personal mix it is possible to go a little deeper into a personal subject or to strengthen a positive side, as i.e. creativity. You choose 2 to max. 5 different remedies for one bottle. When ordering you write down in the remarks which remedies you would like.

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When you want to work on a specific subject, this subject often consists out of several layers. If you think of over stimulation i.e. You can ask yourself what the causes are of the over stimulation. Maybe you consume too much daily information, maybe you are working too hard. Do you get a headache when you are overstimulated or super irritated, or maybe it is a mix of everything?
In this case a mix of flower essences can be helpful to harmonize the different parts.

A personal mix bottle always comes in a bottle of 30ml. You can choose whether it is on a basis of alcohol (keeps 4-5 years) or alcohol free (keeps for 1 year). The maximum amount is 5 different remedies in a mix bottle. More remedies can be confusing for your system), of course it can be less as well. A 30ml bottle lasts you about 6 weeks. After that you could make another bottle with a different mix of flower essences to continue the work, or you can choose another subject.

  • Take 4 drops 4 times a day, or put a dropper full in a bottle of water and drink it throughout the day.
  • 30ml bottles. The essences of Simply Canvas Farm (SCF Essences) come in beautiful frosted colored bottles (if you want a specific color, send me a message and I will let you know which colors are still available).
  • Are you new to flower essences? Maybe you have heard of Dr Edward Bach or Bach flower essences or his most known essence, rescue remedy. Flower essences are energetic extracts of the beneficial properties of flowers. When there is a disbalance on an emotional, spiritual or mental level, flower essences help you to harmonize your system
  • The flower essences are unscented
  • There are no contra indications for flower essences. It is a natural product, safe for grown ups, children, animals and plants.

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